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What you should know about flamenco in Seville

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Flamenco in Seville is one of the most integral and seductive parts of Andalusian culture that you will encounter during your trip.

What is flamenco and what it means for Seville?

Flamenco is a passionate Spanish performance art, which combines three key elements:
La guitarra (the guitar), el cante (the singing) and el baile (the dance). Flamenco has a very serious and passionate feeling to it that is conveyed to the audience, because the flamenco dancer expresses his/her deepest emotions with strong body movements and facial expressions. It is therefore, an excellent example of the traditional Spanish culture and a must-see during a visit to Seville. It is also a perfect match with to a hot Andalusian night with a glass of sangria.

Show Flamenco Dress Guitar

Vintage flamenco show

The three fundamentals of flamenco

Flamenco looks very impressive but to fully appreciate your night out enjoying flamenco, you must first understand the three fundamental elements of flamenco:

-La guitarra¸ the famous flamenco guitar, known as el toque among the flamenco aficionados. The guitar differs greatly from the average guitar and adds the passionate and mysterious ambient to the performance. Bonus points for knowing Paco de Lucía, the world’s most celebrated Spanish flamenco guitarist.

-El cante, the flamenco singing done by the cantaor, forms the soul and heart of the show. The singing has a very melancholic and romantic sound it that is often about love, poverty, death or injustice. 

-El baile, the flamenco dance itself. The dance consists of sudden and passionate body and hand movements while tapping the floor with the hard flamenco boots. There is no “standard way” to dance flamenco and the dancer’s movements are not dictated by the music but rather by the current mood and sentiments of the dancer.  

Flamenco Group Granada

A group of flamenco aficionados in Granada


The origins of flamenco, especially in Seville

Flamenco originates from Southern Spain and many say that it is the resulted from the mix of gypsy, Moorish and Spanish music in the multicultural region of Andalusia. Nowadays, flamenco dance has spread overseas and seen changes and new influence in the forms of duet-performance and castanets (clapping instrument) but to experience the purest form of flamenco, one has to head to a traditional flamenco bar in Seville, which will be discussed in a while.


Flamenco Guitar Dancer Show

Sevillian nightlife

Where to go see flamenco dance in Seville

Seville has tons of tourist traps for flamenco tourists and to avoid this, follow our local picks for authentic flamenco venues:

-For professional shows: Casa de la Memoria (Calle Cuna 6), a flamenco venue in the city centre for those who want to see professional flamenco at it’s purest. Recommended to reserve tickets beforehand.

-For local amateur talent without a cover charge: El Mariscal (Calle Mariscal 3), small bar hidden away in in a narrow romantic street of Calle Mariscal in the Santa Cruz neighbourhood. A bit hard to find but well worth it. Great ambient and shows start around midnight and go on for a long time. 

-For the true whole flamenco dance experience: Museo del Baile Flamenco/Flamenco dance museum of Seville (Calle Manuel Rojas Marcos, 3). You will not only see flamenco but also learn about it and if you get very enthusiastic about it, the museum offers classes too.

If you’re still doubting about going to see flamenco, see this video:



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